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About MWNY


About MWNY


MWNY specializes in execution and realization of brand packaging innovations. We offer solutions to the evolving headwinds that are associated with creating new, innovative, and consumer obsessed products. Our team is a proxy to help develop, create, produce, tweak, problem solve for all types of packaging; structural / 3D, primary, and secondary. These unique service offerings enable us to intervene at and contribute to any stage of the packaging development spectrum. Within "The Innovation Lab" we're able bridge the gap between concept and realization by turning ideas into producible and manufacturable product(s). Our team is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to service our brand partners through nearly every vertical of the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) space.

MWNY partners with brand owners, creative agencies, manufacturers, and a myriad of brand proxies to provide turn-key solutions for successful implementation of production. We pride ourselves on the immense amount of time, focus, and resources we contribute to bring new innovations to market. From multi-national corporations to emerging start-ups, packaging development is the backbone of successful brands.

Our Clients

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The Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab


A consumers final decision when ready to make a purchase often comes down to a visual stimulus. Optics are important, differentiation on a crowded shelf set is achieved by nuanced and thoughtful differences in color, size, structure, and aesthetic. The product development process can involve complex supply chains with dozens of manufacturer's, printers, and contract packagers.

Given this complexity, speed to market is more imperative then ever. Today condensed timelines for product development are now the new normal. The earlier the MWNY team is enlisted to engage in product development, the quicker we are able problem-solve and optimize the production process, allowing rigorous product development testing to begin. Within The Innovation Lab, teams can mimic production tolerances across various forms of manufacturing and print.

Our skilled team, unique service offerings, and vertically integrated lab enable us to contribute at most points in the packaging development process. Our brand partners capitalize on our services to realize their brand's vision, quickly eliminate costly errors in manufacturing and print,  and ultimately stimulate the desired consumer experience.


The Innovation Lab's Capabilities

• Carton & Rigid Box Creation

• Premium Print Finishing

• Sales Samples

•Sell-in / Presentation / Influencer Kits

 Manufacturability Testing & Consulting

 Design Testing & Evaluation

 3D Visualization

Structural Prototyping & Model Making

Production Accurate Comp Creation

 Custom Spraying